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Career Fair - Glendale Tech Week - Over 300 Job Openings

. 1 min read

Glendale, Ca – There are over 1,000 high tech firms with over 41,000 employees in Glendale. The Tech Week career fair gives you the opportunity to be a part of this landscape. The career fair is hosted by the Verdugo Jobs Center, it’s free to attend and will showcase 20 local employers and over 300 Jobs. This event will take place on Wednesday, September 19 from 9am to 12 noon at the Downtown Central Library, 222 E. Harvard Street in Glendale. For keeping current on newly added employers and events for Glendale Tech Week check with The Glendale Tech Week is organized by Glendale’s Economic Development Division from September 15-21 and features Through talks, panels, site tours, happy hours and networking events.

Employers that will be at the Career Fair include:

  • Age of Learning (46 positions): Senior Security Engineer, Help Desk Technician, Software Engineer, Unity Game Developer
  • Service Titan (75 positions): Service Engineers, Software Engineers, Project Managers, Software Development, Sales Development Representatives, Customer Service Development
  • Cal Tech (64 positions): Assistant Director Marketing and Communications, Assistant Research Technician, Data Systems DevOps Engineer, Detector Engineer, Software Engineer
  • NLE Systems (5 positions): IT Support, IT Sales
  • Tesaband Technologies (10 positions): Technicians, Communication Technicians, Tech Support
  • Sada Systems (27 positions): Software Engineer, Support Technician, Systems Engineer
  • LegalZoom (20+ positions): Java Developer, Sales Force Engineer, Net Developer, Lead Web Developer, Senior IT Project Manager, Web Architect, Manager Mobile Department
  • Amazon (12 positions): Tech, IT Support
  • Phonexa (5+ positions): Enterprise Software Sales Representatives, PHP Programmers
  • New Business Systems (5 positions): Network Programmer, Network Developer
  • Dockyard (4 positions): Product Designer, Software Engineer, App Developer
  • Rolling Robots (3 positions): Robot Tech Instructor, Robot Birthday Party Host
  • Dish Divvy (6 positions): Director of Marketing, Acquisitions, Brand Ambassador
  • Amada Miyachi (6 positions): Controls Software Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Industrial Laser Support Engineer
  • Unicom (15+ positions): Information Technology, IT Support, IT Specialist
  • dot818 (5 positions): Data Analyst, IT, Marketing, Travel Agent
  • DISQO, Inc. (10 positions): Engineering, Data Science, Graphic Design, Marketing, Sales
  • Mobile Forming (4 positions): Applications Developer, Applications

The Glendale City Council adopted the Glendale Tech Strategy in January 2017 as a way to develop technology in the City. Attendance is mostly free except for three events, which are $8 in advance and $10 at the door and include food and drinks. For more information visit