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Council Opts to Appoint a Replacement for Councilmember Sinanyan

. 1 min read

Glendale, CA – On June 11, 2019 Councilmember Sinanyan bid farewell to his Council colleagues stating that he was appointed to a cabinet position by the Prime Minister of Armenia. Councilmember Sinanyan said “With mixed emotions I take on this new role” and added “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Glendale for six and a half years”. Mayor Najarian wished Councilmember Sinanyan well and stated “we’re very proud of you  and we know that you’re going to carry the Glendale flag with you”. Councilmember Sinanyan’s resignation is effective as of June 7th 2019.

The Glendale City Attorney, Michael J. Garcia, presented two options to the City Council for a replacement for Councilmember Sinanyan. Either appoint a replacement within 30 days, or call for special elections no sooner than 88 days and no later than 120 days from the resignation. If the Council fails to appoint a replacement within the 30 day period they will be forced to call for a special election. The estimated cost presented to Council for the special election was $1.1 million. The City Attorney also clarified that an appointed individual would serve until March 2020, and in case of a special election the victor would serve the remaining term of Councilmember Sinanyan which is through March 2022 elections.

The Council did not have an interest for a special election due to cost constraints and opted to appoint a replacement, calling it an interim appointment. The appointment process would be public, similar to a commission appointment. The Council requested from all those who are interested in the position to send an email with all pertinent information about their qualifications to the City Attorney at The deadline for the application is Monday June 17th at 5pm, the only requirement is that the applicants are registered Glendale residents. The Council will appoint during a special meeting on June 21st at 10 am in the Council Chambers.