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Food Truck Assault Suspects Arrested

Food Truck Assault Suspects Arrested

. 1 min read

Glendale, CA – The Glendale Police Department swiftly apprehended two men responsible for a stabbing in the parking lot near a local food truck.

In the late-night hours last Wednesday (6/14/2023), a stabbing of two people near a food truck took place in the 300 block of West Broadway in Glendale. Brandishing a knife, two males approached the food truck around 11:00 pm. A fight ensued, resulting in someone getting stabbed during the scuffle.

Seeing the felony assault unfold, a food truck customer intervened to assist.

The customer who stepped in to assist was also stabbed during the scuffle. Neither individual sustained life-threatening injuries. They were both transported to local hospitals.

With an immediate response by Glendale Police Department patrol officers and detectives, they identified 23-year-old Jerald Zaroukian of Northridge (pictured here) and 28-year-old Guadalupe Reyna of Bakersfield (displayed page 2) as the suspects. Zaroukian had previously been arrested by Glendale PD Officers, and he was on probation.

Tracking the suspects back to Zaroukian's residence in Northridge, the Glendale Police Department's SWAT Team was called to ensure a safe apprehension. After several hours of negotiations, both suspects surrendered to Glendale PD Detectives.

This investigation was opened, and the suspects were in custody in less than 24 hours. Both victims have been released from the hospital and are recovering from their injuries.

The Glendale Police Department asks anyone with information to assist in this case contact us immediately by calling 818-548-4911. To remain anonymous, call the L.A. Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go directly to