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Former Glendale City Manager Jim Starbird Sues City for $1 Million

. 1 min read

On September 12, 2016 former Glendale City Manager Jim Starbird filed a claim against the City of Glendale for the death of his wife Carolyn Starbird. The claim alleges that a dangerous condition was created by the negligent or wrongful act of employees whose names are unknown. The claim further alleges the the dangerous conditions was a raised sidewalk that created a significant trip hazard.

Apparently, Jim Starbird was pushing his wife, Carolyn Starbird, in a wheelchair on Ethel Street when the wheelchair hit a raised sidewalk, causing his wife to fall forward from her wheelchair striking her forehead. As a result, she died  from injuries sustained in the accident.

The claim alleges that the Decedent suffered fatal injuries and the Starbird family were subjected to emotional distress from having witnessed decedent suffer the injuries.

Jim Starbird’s Claim $1,000,000

Jim Starbird was Glendale’s city manager for thirteen years retiring in 2011 with a $234,000 annual pension. On his retirement then Mayor Laura Friedman said “You’ve been a great mentor and benefit to this city, You’re going to be missed” and Councilman Ara Najarian added “you’ve always put the interests of the residents of Glendale first and foremost”.

The City of Glendale will investigate the facts surrounding the claim, analyze the potential for liability and make a decision on the claim.