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Forty Five Hopefuls Apply for City of Glendale's Vacant Council Position

. 1 min read

Glendale, CA – On June 11th 2019, the Glendale City Council, after bidding farewell to Council member Sinanyan, voted to appoint his replacement instead of a calling for a costly special election. In their deliberations the Council emphasized that the only qualification for the vacant position was being a registered voter and a resident of the City of Glendale. The Council did state that they did not wish to give a potential candidate for the 2020 March election the leg up, however they stopped short of completely disqualifying those considering running for the March elections. The application deadline is June 17th 5pm. The following candidates have applied within the requested time frame.

1. Alvarez, Adrian 2. Amirian, Zareh 3. Armenian, Zanku 4. Avedian, Nejdeh 5. Brooks, Beth 6. Brotman, Dan 7. Castillo, Nelson A. 8. Christopher-Jilizian, Julie 9. Coshland, Robert 1O.Culver, Burt 11.Dadian, Rostom 12.De La Cruz, Juan 13.Fiaga, Linda 14.GaIlo, Frank 15. Gevorkyan, Nelson 16.Gharibian, Ronnie 17. Harris, Victor 18.Hatamian, Ara 19. Hays, Bonnie 20. Johnson, Danielle D. (Donut Socialite) 21.Kaplan, Kenneth 22. Karaoghlanian, Armen 23. Kassakhian, Ardashes 24. Keurogelian, Chahe 25. Krikorian, Raffy 26.Kwak, Karen (Jae Eun) 27. Lamb, Christy 28. Legino, Steve (Lily La Rocco) 29. Lizagub, Taron 30. Magpapian, Manuel 31. Manoukian, Leonard 32. Marlis, Beth 33. Michals, Grant 34.Ordubegian, Andre 35.Quinonez Gabrielian, Anita 36. Quintero, Frank 37. Reed, Annie 38.Sadd, Louie 39. Samuel, John 40. Sanchez, Joseph 41.Solis, Lenore 42. Van Gorder, Mike 43.Zarokian, Adrineh “Audry” 44. Hovhannisyan, Samvel LV ‘BIT 2 45. Renn, Charles C.

Access to the complete applications is on the City of Glendale’s website.

The Glendale City Council will appoint a replacement for Sinanyan’s vacant seat during a special Council meeting on Friday June 21 at 10am.