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Vote Yes on Measure S

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The City of Glendale is an all-service city. This means it provides residents in-house public services without contracting out to third-party agencies. Glendale owns and operates a Fire Department, Police Department, sewer services, trash collection, street maintenance, and traffic management. The City does not contract out work; Glendale’s services are for Glendale residents.

While no one likes taxes, there is a cost to receiving exceptional services. During the 2008 recession Glendale took a fiscally conservative approach to budgeting and fiscal management. It reduced its work force by 25% saving in excess of $15 million a year. By uncoupling the post employment benefits from the current work force, the City reduced its future liabilities in excess of $200 million.

All sales tax measures that have been approved by voters in the past, have netted Glendale minimal funding for local resources. For example, in 2017 county voters approved Measure H. This fiscal year, Glendale is projected to generate $10 million from the 0.25% tax increase that supports homeless services. Of that $10 million, Glendale is estimated to receive only $395,000 in Measure H funding to support its own homeless services. The other $9.6 million is going to be dispersed between other cities in Los Angeles.


The City of Glendale reduced its costs and sends locally generated revenues out. Now it’s time to bring that money back to the City to benefit Glendale residents.  The Glendale Quality of Life and Essential Services Protection Measure, Measure S, will do just that. It will ensure Glendale is able to provide the best for its residents by generating an estimated $30 million of funding. That money will go to what’s important to Glendale residents: affordable housing, traffic and pedestrian safety, maintaining and improving streets, and providing exceptional emergency services, police, and fire.

Neighboring cities, like Burbank, Pasadena, and San Fernando, see the importance of increasing their sales tax. The bottom line is to keep local control on monies generated in their city to make sure it serves its residents and their concerns.

The Glendale Quality of Life and Essential Services Protection Measure, Measure S, will be on the November 6th ballot for residents’ consideration.

For more information, visit You can  find a list of Frequent Asked Questions. If you would like more information, call (818) 548-4844.